The barbie in the pictures is the original prototype for the ChefMaster range and is around 5 years old. We live beside the water so quite a harsh envoronment so, blowing our own trumpet a little :) see how easy it is to bring a very dirty and weathered BBQ back to looking great.We started with a quite damp kitchen cloth and a bottle of household liquid Jif. A solid wipe following the direction of the grain will remove 99% of stains.

We then rinsed the cloth and removed the Jif residue with two or three wipe overs. Once dry we simply apply a liberal spray of Hillmark Steel Kleen over all the external surfaces and wipe off with a soft cotton tee shirt type material.

We are not paid by the makers of these products and certainly not affiliated with them - just love products that make life easier!

Next time we will look under the hood.ChefMaster Spring Clean No 1ChefMaster Spring Clean No 2ChefMaster Spring Clean No 3ChefMaster Spring Clean No 4