At Blue Tongue BBQs, we grew our business out of a desire for a barbecue which reflected the needs of the contemporary Aussie family. A BBQ is no longer about throwing on a few snags, but needs to be fit for a full blown fiesta.


For many Aussie men, a BBQ is a marker of their manliness, of their ability to provide their families and mates with sustenance. Part of being a modern man is having your own space to express who you are and essential to this is the right BBQ. What is now commonly called a ‘man cave’ should be filled with your prized possessions so whenever you hang out there, you'll be reminded of all the great times you have had.


Frequently, man cave wall will be adorned with trophies from past achievements and photos of fishing trips or mountain bike adventures. But what really is a better status symbol than the right barbecue. Make your mates jealous with our flagship model the CG-KSRX8. Recently described by Bupa Home Insurance, ‘No fancy names needed, its extensive chrome shell contains absolutely everything the true-blue bloke could dream of in an outdoor kitchen. Beyond its cooking capacity, it also includes a fridge and a sink.’


Read the full article from Bupa for more advice on creating the perfect man cave from Australia’s leading man brands and retailers: ‘A Guide to Making the Modern Man Cave’.